Mom Fails, this should be the second chapter in What to Expect When Expecting, followed by Mom Guilt.  Is this a dark secret that we only share once you have entered the “club”? Why is there no “heads up” on this emotionally draining feeling that has sent many moms (ie: me) spiraling into that paradigm of “I’m not doing it right”. My mom fails go across the board but it’s a lot like child birth for me, it hurts in the moment and then my brain just kinda forgets about it??? I guess this is one of the many “gifts” of motherhood…short term memory loss!  I recently took my daughter in for her 5 year well check just to find out, at the peak of flu season, I had totally forgotten to give her the flu shot (last fall)!  Thank God for the public school system who gave my son his  (momma aint the bad guy this time)! Baby sister got hers during a well check (which mind you was 6 months post her actual birthday).  OH and nothings better than sending that same poor child to school without her jacket (no good excuse, I just forgot to grab it) and the school has to let her borrow one of theirs for recess, MOM FAIL!  Last Sunday I literally barked (you know that fancy tone you take with everyone when you don’t want to yell, but you are clearly annoyed) at my whole family to hurry and get ready for church (because that is how Jesus wants us to act when encouraging the husband and little’s to praise him, it’s no wonder they aren’t excited) just to realize AS I am buckling in my 2 year old that I’m an hour AHEAD of schedule, damn….mom fail.  I’ve showed up at movies that are sold out, because I didn’t feel like spending the extra $1/ticket to book online…okay, that one I vow to not repeat!!! I’ve taken kids to the pumpkin patch, that was CLOSED.  I cried during almost every family photo shoot the first 2 years, because it is JUST TOO MUCH!  One year I boycotted fancy family photo sessions and did the JCPenney $10 coupon route, I felt like a genius…15 minute session, no tears, decent pics and even if they weren’t, they were $10 BUCKS! Woo hoo! I’ve since moved on to an amazing photo fundraiser that sells 15 minute sessions with professional photographers (the really good ones) at a great price, this one has turned into a total mom WIN….but not after years of fails.  I’ve left my 2nd grader sitting in the pickup line, while I do the drive of shame being the last mom…feeling the side eye from the remaining teachers….I’m so sorry! I know when I enter the public school system as a teacher, I will totally be paid back for this one!  My son hasn’t had a well check in 3 years, he’s totally well….and don’t get me started on the dentist….I truly am going to try to make right by this one, THIS YEAR!

So needless to say, there is no shortage of  #momfails in my home (and that is just the last 12 months)!  But for real, mommas, we are doing a great job! It’s so easy to focus and harp on the mom fails but what about all the mom wins?!  Are our children being hugged and kissed everyday?! I literally just watched a horrifying news report about a sick couple who had locked up their children like prisoners in their own home!!! I turned to my son and said, “see….it could be worse!”, oh Lord, not sure that would be in the How To Parenting books.  Are we pouring kindness into our kids, forgiveness, compassion, 60% of the time?! This is a WIN!  Do your babies sleep in a warm bed, in their comfy jammies & favorite stuffy?  This is a rare and fortunate experience that our 1st world children get to experience, every day,  that so many other children in this world can only dream about.  Are you teaching your children about their creator, their savior, Jesus?  About the man that walked this earth and showed nothing but grace and mercy to all nations, who wanted peace and love to be our love language and then died so that we could be forgiven.  Do you pray over and with your babies?  These are invaluable tools to build their foundation,  these are the tools that will give our babies hope when all feels lost in their world.  These are the tools that will be their source of  truth, comfort and wisdom when this world offers trials and tribulations.

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it. (Proverbs 22:6) 

It is my most sincere hope that as you read this, you can take a deep breath, know that you are doing the very best you can and your babies are loved and cared for.  It is my hope that all our children will know the man that came to this earth to save us, love us and teach us, Jesus.  You were chosen for this precious gift of motherhood, lets take it and use it to spread seeds of hope into a world that needs it more than ever.

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)



2 thoughts on “#momfail

  1. I was JUST having these thoughts on Monday. Loren didn’t feel well and wanted me to come home early, and I ended up not being able to. So guilty feeling and you know how many fails I’ve had as a parent!! And as an aside, I have absolutely told my children stories about kids being chained up as an example of how good they have it!! 😜

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