Thank you high waisted pants…

So please tell me I’m not alone when I say, caring for our body is probably one of the most devalued parts of our daily life. I mean really…I know I need 10 cups of water, 4 servings of veggies, 3 servings of fruit, 5 proteins, 2 carbs & 1 healthy fat but all I really want is a Lg latte, a bagel with extra cream cheese and a juicy burger with sweet potato fries! I mean they are sweet potato, that counts for something right??? Oh & that’s before 5pm! Don’t get me started on dessert followed by 2 glasses of wine…I mean come on, the struggle is SO real.

So as I sit here drinking my lemon water (had to fancy up the only drink entering my mouth for 21 days) & wait until it’s time for my afternoon “snack”, a mouth watering bowl of cottage cheese & pineapple (ok, actually it is pretty good), I have to think why am I doing this?

I am doing this because I was blessed with genetically high cholesterol, thanks genes, so now I must watch what I eat as to not experience sudden cardiac arrest.  I am doing this because after 3 miscarriages, I finally agreed to get some blood work done and found out I have an MTHFR gene mutation, which can cause me to throw blood clots, again…thanks genes!!! And last, but certainly not least, I’m doing this because my body was given to me as a temple. A temple that I am instructed to care for,  provide for, as it is the only body I am being given.  Our bodies are the very vessels that house our souls, our spirit and yes our organs.  Being an esthetician for the past 13 years, I have developed a sincere love for the skin. It’s purpose. It’s preservation. Folks, I can tell you from over a decade in the skin care world…the most common question I get is “how do I get rid of…..” (fill in the blank…lines, blemishes, stretch marks, dark spots) and the sad part is, “getting rid of” is SO much harder than just preventing to begin with.  If I could get every 20 year old to be applying sun block and eye cream, facial plastic surgeons would be out of business.  So regardless if you are 25, 45 or 65…if you are reading this, you are still in the preventative phase of what’s next. Isn’t that amazing?!!

So my purpose in writing about this less heavy (no pun intended), more light hearted topic is because us mommas put so much pressure on ourselves to be who we think others want us to be. To look the way we think we are supposed to look.  To dress like we have it all together, when really we just wanna throw our slipper boots over our stretched out sweat pants and run to the grocery because we are out of bread again!

Taking care of yourself, your temple, doesn’t mean being a size 0, it doesn’t mean having those fancy jeans ( I can’t even name a pair b/c I only shop at Walmart these days). Taking care of yourself means loving yourself, in all it’s glory…even those super cute stretchmarks.  (BTW..I’m SO grateful the high waisted pants are back “in”!!). It means getting your heart rate up to work out the muscle that started beating in your mothers womb. It means wearing clothes that aren’t fancy but functional, that make you feel cute in whatever it is that you do. I for one do NOT object to the whole workout wardrobe for mommas that don’t know where the gym is…to me being a mom to anyone under the age of 4 is a complete and total body workout!!!

So ladies, let’s find what works for us and our schedule and just do it! Let’s change 1 bad habit a week, let’s walk for 30 min, let’s cut one bad food choice from our diet (that does not benefit our heart, mind or booty). Let’s start filling our spirit with faithfulness, our soul with goodness & our temple with self-control.

We can all honor our Creator for this magnificent body that He created. A body that has produced humans. A body that has fought illness. A body that has traveled the world.  This body, your body, is the carrier of your soul, your spirit, your life.  It is your hug, your kiss, your love.  And after all, isn’t that what it’s all about? Love. ❤️

Love yourself, love your temple….

“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.”

‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭6:19-20



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