Home skin care regimen for the busy mom….

So before marriage and motherhood was even a glimpse on my radar, I was knee deep in the love for skin care and all that comes with it.  As a licensed esthetician for the past 14 years, I have picked up a few tricks along the way and my favorite ones are the affordable, easy, at home tricks that can truly transform your skin!

So the first question I am usually asked by anyone who finds out my profession is:  How do I get rid of these lines?

Well, not to be the bearer of bad news but getting rid of is damn near impossible without peels, lasers or cutting…so if that’s in your budget, go for it momma! But if not and your looking for some at home tricks….here ya go! Your welcome 😉

  1. Exfoliate!!! This is the process of removing dead skin.  Fun fact, however many years old you are is how many days it takes to get a new set of skin cells!!! Yes! This is SO true, hence why someone in their 90’s has that dull, grey appearance…poor thing has months of dead skin piled on top of their live skin, removing any trace of color.
    1. Best at home remedy to accomplish this “surface” exfoliation….BAKING SODA!  Not only will this remove all the dead skin sitting on the surface but it’s pore cleansing (helping with black heads and blemishes).  Simply shake (I put it in a salt shaker next to my sink) a small amount into your wet palms while you have your cleanser sitting on your skin.  Do a gentle rub, let it sit for couple minutes (brush your teeth or somethin’) and remove with warm towel!!! Be prepared to be wow’d with the beautiful glow that will make you look like you just had a facial! *You can do this 2-3x/week (unless if you have sensitive/rosacea skin)  Sidenote: if you are not exfoliating the dead skin off, guess what soaks up all those fancy products…yup! So take off the old so the good stuff can be absorbed by the new!
  2.  Hydrate!!! So this goes beyond just drinking water, while that is extremely crucial.  This is what products you are putting on your skin. Look for the active ingredient: Hyaluronic Acid on the back of your products.  This is your skin’s natural hydration system and using products with this ingredient is like giving your skin a drink of water!  Hydrating is the KEY to slowing down aging.  Hydrated skin can not age.  Simple as that.  For dryer/sensitive skin types, this is your life line.  Find a creme based cleanser and moisturizer and use it! Day and Night!  For OILY skin types, the more hydrated your skin is, the less OIL your skin will produce!! Really!! So find your noncomodogenic moisturizers and get to hydratin!
    1. My at home recommendation is none other than Grapeseed Oil! This oil is about $8 in your local grocery store and will bring back the glow and moisture into your skin!  It will NOT cause clogged pores or breakouts, it’s great for oily skin. If you have dryer skin, you can also dabble with olive and jojoba oil.
    1. Don’t forget your EYES!!! Your eyes are the most dehydrated part of your whole face.  There is no moisturizer in the world that can fulfill the needs of those baby blues, so get an eye cream, any eye cream, and start hydrating!  (Tip: Also apply it around the mouth/laugh lines…heck any “line” you have on your face…lines are a sign of dehydration/dryness) Oh and the way to know if your eye cream is NOT  a good choice, you will get little white bumps (called milia) and they are not fun.  Discontinue use if you see one of the bumps pop up and let an esthetician remove it.
  3. Protect!!! So this is your SPF.  Us Texas girls are farely used to this step but let me give you some fun facts that will have you Seattle ladies slappin it on everyday!  Did you know that you can get UVA (the Aging rays) exposure from computers and florescent lighting?!!! Yes, so you are at risk even when you are locked behind a computer all day!!! The fun part is that SPF is now in most make-up’s, so you are usually covered minimally without even trying.  IF you don’t wear make-up, this is a critical part to preserve and slow down the again process.
    1. What SPF you ask?  Your best bet is too look for physical SPF’s…these are your zinc and titanium dioxide.  These are the ingredients that will not cause breakouts or that “burning” sensation.  If you are experiencing that, you are most likely using a chemical SPF (the last 3 letters of these words under Active Ingredients are “ate” or “ote”)  I don’t have a special kitchen ingredient to offer up for this one, but I will say all BABY SPF’s are Physical!!! So shop in the baby section, grab an SPF and you will be good to go year round!!!
  4. Consistency!! Folks, you should be washing and hydrating twice a day & exfoliating 3x/week (minimally).  If you are looking for an added boost to your system, grab a serum that focuses on your major concerns (redness, breakouts, lines, puffiness).  Just read the labels on the front and it should direct you fairly easily.  There are so many good products out there that don’t cost an arm and a leg.  My rule of thumb is to buy what you can afford and if your skin is responding well, then you are good.  If you are seeing negative or no results (after 4-6 weeks of regular use), then you might want to step it up a notch to the next price bracket.  The main difference between a $8 cleanser and an $18 cleanser is the ingredients.  The more expensive is usually more potent, more concentrated ingredients and will deliver quicker results.  The $8 product is still worth using and if that’s your budget, something is always better than nothing.  So don’t let price tags scare you off.

Here is my favorite daily routine with at home products to keep your skin lookin fresh….

Cleanse: Coconut oil (make sure you remove with warm towel, best make-up remover you will ever use!)

Exfoliate: Baking Soda (remember, rub gently…over rubbing can cause a “burning” feeling)

Hydrate: Grapeseed Oil, topped with mineral make-up or SPF and eye cream, any eye cream…just use one!

I hope this info helps you understand the basics of caring for your skin and helps you see that you don’t need to spend a fortune to have that beautiful glow!  Most of this stuff I’m sure you already have in your pantry and what you don’t have can be bought for a minimum price at any local grocery store.  Regardless if you are 20, 30 or 50…it’s never too late to prevent the damage of tomorrow.  Just start now and your future self will be thanking you!!!

Lets remember that this temple was given to us by our one and only Creator to nurture our soul and house our holy spirit.  Lets not just take care of this precious gift but do it all in His glory.

31 So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. (1 Corinthians 10:31)



PS) If you have questions, please post them below!! I’m sure your fellow momma’s have the same ones and I’m happy to answer them to the best of my ability!!!

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