Can I just say….”thank you”

Thank you Chapter 13 Of Mess and Moxie titled, Exercise.  Thank you for taking this grumpy, non morning person and turning me into a less grumpy non morning person.  Thank you for making me laugh OUT loud.  Thank you for saying what I feel on exercise….want to know something funny, I have typed this world 5 times and still keep misspelling it (finally googled it, I always put 2 “c”‘s), does that tell you how much I love it?! Thank you for saying “front butt”, oh my goodness, I think I woke my 2 year old up laughing at that one!!!!! Thank you for making it OK for us girls to realize that taking care of our bodies, while important, is not end all be all.  Thank you for explaining what the whole Vitamix thing is all about, seriously, I KNOW my kids would love smoothies, (they are glorified milkshakes, kinda) but it’s the floating bits that loses them every. single. time. I’m sure I will be jumping on the bandwagon on this one.  Or I could use that Ninja my brother bought me 2 years ago that I cut my finger on and then stuck at the top of my cupboard because I obviously wasn’t ready for this level of technology. Oh and MOST importantly THANK YOU for those AMAZING smoothly recipes!!! This I will be doing!

So simply put, while you may never read this, Jen Hatmaker, I simply adore you.  You make me laugh when I literally just want to sleep.  You make me dream, think, desire, paint my kitchen cupboards (loved Ch. 7), have my girlfriends over, cook legit meals, laugh out loud, be the church, but most importantly just be myself.  You are the cream to my coffee.  I am starting to realize how creepy this is sounding but it just goes to show how incredibly valuable words are and the words you choose make me have all the “feels” (not sure if I used that term right, so millennial of me?!).

So ladies reading this ode to Jen, find your book, your blog, your inspiration because when you do you are unstoppable.  It will give you fuel to fight the crap that is thrown your way and keep marchin on…because isn’t that all we are doing anyway?  We all have crap in our lives that likes to deter our thoughts, which inevitably deter’s our actions, our words.  Lets fill our souls up, replenish our spirit to prepare us for the day.  A day of traffic, smelly people, annoying sounds, wiping butts, sore nipples (so glad I’m out of this phase), just plain nonsense.  These small, precious moments, if even only 10-15 will produce enough happiness, joy, excitement to last you until at least 3 ‘o clock…and then you may need another fix or cup of joe 😉

Make today count momma’s.  Yesterday is done, can’t change it, can’t fix it and you know what you are better for it.  You live, you learn, you grow.  Say a little prayer to fill your spirit with peace, love, joy, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, patience, gentleness and self-control and lets get this damn day started!

78 A new day will dawn on us from above because our God is loving and merciful. (Luke 1:78)




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