The Morning Scowl….

This is what I call it.  The look that my face makes until coffee has been consumed, the sun is shining through my front window and my daily devotion (of any kind, books, life, whatever) happens.  This morning mood has finally been completely recognized and accepted by my husband.  This is amazing.  He leaves in the morning to take my first baby off to school, and if his schedule allows, he returns about 30 minutes later to a wife who has giggled at her funny book, consumed her 12 oz of caffeine and suddenly has a smile perched upon her face.  I find it to be a delightful moment of acceptance, love and caffeine.

The other day as my alarm clock rang and I had already been up for an hour, due to my son’s bloody nose, I uttered the words “I f’n hate mornings.” (Apologies for the language, my mouth is not censored between the hours of 12am-6am)  Then after my caffeine, sun and soul fillin book, I realized, I don’t hate mornings!!! I hate alarms! I hate the act of being woken up!  I CAN be a morning person.  This brings me joy because I have always felt an immense amount of guilt about not being a “morning person”.  I’m realizing as each year passes, as new experiences fall unto my lap and as new schedules (and alarms) wedge their way into my comfy, cozy life that mornings truly are where it’s at.  Mornings are a fresh start.  They are where yesterday is officially gone and today is just beginning.  They are new.  They are free. They are yours.

I have found that how we start our day, often determines how we finish our day.  Placing love, hope and truth in our minds before we even step out of bed coats our little souls with grace.  Knowing that crappy things WILL happen today.  Someone WILL annoy you.  If you live in Texas, someone WILL cut you off, give you a dirty look or possibly show you their new manicure on just one pretty finger.  These things WILL happen and if they don’t, consider yourself blessed.  So don’t be alarmed when said actions have fallen upon your morning, just take a deep breath and say to yourself “welp, that happened earlier (or later) than I imagined”, smile and move on! Can I just say, smilin’ at someone as they flip you the bird is actually way more gratifying than flippin it back!!! I have experienced the delight of this transaction and it not only leaves them looking confused (and in my mind, hoping they are re-thinking their anger management issues) but it leaves you feeling unscathed and not guilty for sinking to that level.  (For the record, I have sunk to that level…but that’s not what I’m writing about right now. No judgement, please.)

So my point here this morning, as I quickly wrap up, since I believe my 2 year old is probably waking up and my 5 year old is whining that her “wet” towel for her syrupy hands is not “wet enough”, Lord help me, is that today is what WE make it.  What WE set it to be.  We were all given this beautiful gift of free will.  Choice.  This comes with much responsibility, self control and patience.  Think of how you want your day to go.  Climb back into your head (it’s never too late, you can do this at any time of the day.  A restart button is active until your eyes close tonight) and speak to your soul.  Tell yourself, “deep breaths, lets try this again.  Today I want to feel……, today I want to be …….., today I want to accomplish ……”  Now this isn’t a full proof answer, because after all, that “free will” we were given….well, it was given to everyone else as well.  Therefore, some of their free will can totally and often rain on our parade.  But if and when this happens, just climb back into that cozy place of your soul, re-speak YOUR TRUTH and start again.  Press your re-set button.  FYI: this is amazing for kids! I literally have made my children’s belly button their “reset” button. If nothing else, it gives them a little giggle after a rough moment.  For complete and utter emergencies, I have to do a full on re-boot and it includes wiggly fingers into the armpits.  This often has us both rolling in laughter and begins the “reset/reboot” process. For the record, I do not recommend you pushing in your boss, friend or husbands belly button and steer clear of tickling arm pits…this is strictly a kid only reset!  Although, offering a cup of joe, class of wine or a simple “hey, I’m sorry…can we start again” works great for those over the age of 10.

So lets all do this all together…DEEP BREEEAAATHHHH.  Smile (because this really does work) and lets get this day started.

I love you.

So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day. (2 Cor. 4:16)



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