Let’s speak.

I love this season of life we are entering where women’s voices are being heard louder and more than ever. Where we have men backing us and women waving their white hankies for us. I love the comradery of feminism and the united presence of humanity. This season is ours ladies, let’s not waste it. Let’s not skirt those sensitive issues or bury the feelings we weren’t allowed to have. Let’s speak. Let’s listen. Let’s be heard.

Where do you stand? What is your story? Let’s talk about sexual abuse and take the power away from the predators. Let’s discuss miscarriage and the empty loneliness that often robs us of joy in our homes and marriages. Let’s shine a light on depression, postpartum and just the fact that being a woman with active hormones is freakin hard! Let’s not ignore the sexism and inappropriate comments that we as women face daily if God forbid we curl our hair and where a skirt. Let’s put to bed the fact that women belong behind a stove and in an apron. Let’s demand equal pay, equal rights, equal justice. Let’s stand up for our sisters of other races that face more injustice than I as a white female can ever understand. Let’s just speak.

How can we use this platform to not berate or belittle those who have placed us here but educate them on how to not keep us here? How can we be the voice of reason and not the voice of anger, resentment.

How can we listen? Listen to those who have walked the same path as us or experienced a pain far greater? How can we not just hear them but HEAR them? Sympathize with them? Comfort them?

Ladies, we are in this together. I am for us! Let’s set the stereotypes, socioeconomic status and differences aside. Let’s see eachother as sisters. Sisters in Christ, sisters in suffering, sisters in strength. Let’s lift up the wounded and congratulate those persevering. Let’s get uncomfortable. Let’s speak our story, speak our truth. When we start pulling the skeletons out of the closet, when we shine a light on our darkest secrets, we can see they are not as scary as we once thought. It is almost certain, someone in this world is or has gone through that. You be the voice, you be the truth, you be the hope. Your story is someone else’s saving grace.

Let’s speak.

“Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them” Ephesians 5:11



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