The Master Creator

He calls us to create.  Create beauty in the darkness, logic in the confusion, melody in the music.  He gave us the blank canvas of life to paint our perspective and decorate it with our wisdom.  As a mom, a women, a human I find great comfort in beauty.  The beauty of the morning sky as the sun sprinkles it’s warmth over the morning dew, the beauty of wildflowers running rampant over a steep hill side, the beauty of kind words displayed for all to see.  There is so much beauty, so much creativity, so much opportunity for us to take the talents and gifts naturally ingrained in our being to share and display for the eyes of the weary.  What beauty can you create today?

When I look back at the moments of childhood that often brought me the most joy, I see myself playing in the innovative world of my brain.  The place where visions form and masterpieces are made.  I used to write ridiculously clever poetry as a small child.  One of my favorite things to do was make “cards”.  This was an opportunity to put my thoughts on paper and let sonnets form.  I knew it was special, a gift, yet it was innocent and without expectation.  It was what I offered to those I loved, and at such a young age.  I recall my mom telling me when I was young, that I should work for Hallmark one day.  I would laugh this off as a joke but now realizing even she could see the creative opportunities pouring from my little fingers.  As I grew older and life took ahold of me, I let that gift slowly slip into my soul.  I left it there tucked away for 20 years before I would genuinely pull it out again.  I wonder, how many of us have God given talents, gifts, that we set aside to be more ‘practical’, more ‘productive’, more ‘worthy’ of our time?  It is our creative outlet that demonstrates one of the closest attributes that we share with our creator, yet it is one that we let go of so quickly.  Many are wise beyond their years and mold their creative gifts into an every day job.  You have mastered the art of happiness.  You are living and breathing the gifts that bring joy to your soul.  I commend and applaud you for your wisdom, even if you never realized it.  I do feel we all do this to an extent.  This is what usually pulls us in one direction or another when we pick our college major or apply for that first job.  We have specific interests, desires and those can pour into where we place ourselves in the workforce.  For others, it’s not that easy.  There is struggle, confusion, anxiety of not knowing what to do, where to focus, how to find purpose, passion.  This is not a weakness.  This is a temporary separation from that childlike excitement.  It could be that you never experienced that excitement or were never nurtured to take it seriously, but I tell you sweet friend, it’s there.  No one escapes this life without pure raw talent, gifted to them by their creator.  What brings you joy?  Music and lyrics?  Painting or sketching?  Flowers and decor?  Research and discovery?  Inventing or creating? Spreadsheets and analysis?  Children or hospitality?  Listening and comforting?  You see creativity is so much more than just creating physical beauty.  Creating is in the space that you make with the favor given to you.  It is comforting the hurt, helping the oppressed and yes decorating the space.  It is what you, in your gut, feel led to do, to offer to this world.  It is not only relevant, it is needed.  Needed to bring you joy, needed to bring joy to others.  No one can do what you do the way that you do it.  It is unique, personal, special.  The best part is, their is plenty of room.  Since your gift is unique to you and your experiences, no matter how many writers, singers, artists, nurses, teachers or programmers we may have in this world, you are different.  You bring something unique to the table and there is more than enough room for all of us.  Seeing others live out their dreams is not a direct reflection on you not living out yours.  It is a promise, a motivation that when you seek the desires of your heart, that you too can have that satisfaction of living out your own dream.

I challenge you today, if you do not know your God given gifts, if you do not know where to start, just sit.  Sit with your thoughts.  Talk out loud or in your head and ask.  What brings me joy? What makes me feel good in my soul?  This will be your answer.  This is your gift.  The answer may not come audibly in a matter of minutes or be flashing on a sign but it will come.  Continue these thoughts, questions in a quiet place alone to be still.  Pull out memories of your childhood that made you smile.  Recall moments recently that made you feel at peace.  Was it walking into Hobby Lobby and seeing a world of possibility or was it sitting at a computer letting the words flow off your fingers. Your gift can not or should not be wasted.  While not everyone is as fortunate to actually work in their field of desire, you can bring your talent to whatever job you may have.  You can do your talent at home when no one is looking.  It can be your quiet time, it can be your outlet.  It can be what brings home the paycheck or just what simply brings you delight.  Using our gifts is good for our soul, it does not have to be a job.  I write because it is therapy for my thoughts, it allows me to get all these words out of my head so I can be present with my everyday demands.  I make no money at writing, nor do I feel the need to.  If someone one day decides they would like to pay me for my thoughts, I’d happily oblige but it is not why I do it.  I do it because it brings me joy.

So what will you let bring you joy today?  What will set you apart from the world?  What do you have to offer?  I beg of you, offer it.  Do it.  Make it happen.  You will never regret following your heart and your passion.  When you let the stress of what you are ‘suppose’ to do slip away and live the life you were meant to live, true contentment and peace fills your life.  The desires of your heart will shift from material gifts to eternal gifts.  You will be the light for the darkness, you will be the hope for the hopeless.  You will become an encourager, a testimony, a reason.  A reason for someone else to follow their dreams.  A reason for someone else to live out their passion.  How beautiful would this world be if we were all living out our dreams through our gifts.  If we were all offering the best of ourselves to the world around us.  You are needed.  Your gifts are necessary.  Your life is with purpose.

Lets let the experiences of our past paint the masterpiece of our life.  Be Creative.



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3 thoughts on “The Master Creator

  1. Wow! This is beautiful Melanie. I am following my passion as an artist and I love what I do everyday of my life. There are no regrets or fears allowed in my mind anymore. I just express my creativity and try to help others with my gift. I believe that God gave us many gifts to help others and to uplift humanity. Have an amazing day!

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    1. Thank you so much Yolimar for your kind words and your gifts!!! I truly believe it’s the art of perspective that creativity brings out ❤️

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