A deeply warn book.

There’s something about a deeply warn book.  The bend of the spine and the markings among the pages.  This space where wisdom was found and lessons were learned.

I love it.

As I thumb through the pages of the book I am preparing a study for, I can’t help but feel confident that I have extracted some good nuggets hidden deep inside.  I see my highlights taking over and my notes pouring out perspective.  I am retaining this message.  This message that we are not alone. That suffering is universal and we are prepared to survive it.  A message that brings comfort to hurting souls, a message I so badly hope to pass along to a room full of wounded women.  Whoever thought that writing their own personal experience in a book wasn’t worthy of being told was sorely mistaken.  Our stories matter, our messages are important.  While I don’t believe we are handed struggles like a scarlet letter, I do believe there are lessons to extract from them.  These lessons are not visible in the moment, nor do we need to be reminded of them before we are ready.  There is a sweet season in sadness where the grief becomes palpable and our heart opens up to possibility.  Hope for something new, something healed, something better.

My friend, I promise you it is coming.

Whether you find yourself in a season of suffering or the waves of grief are washing you ashore for healing, this storm will end.  You will have your own story, most likely one you didn’t want, and it is valuable.   Share your story.

I am not quite sure how I would have handled my own loss had I not had the outlet of writing.  I am abundantly grateful for the ones who came before me.  Who paved a path of grace and confidence that my words were worth telling.  Writing is not in everyone’s heart but I can assure you the healing that comes from comforting others in your pain, is.  Find your outlet, your journey.  Whether it be through poetic rhymes or a rainbow of color splashed on a canvas, your story is waiting to be shared, heard.

A deeply warn book, this is what makes my heart feel comfort.  This is what shows me that while I don’t have all the answers, there are others out there to help me find them.  That words matter and even more importantly, experiences matter.

I am a mom to 3 beautiful children that keep me busy, exhausted and loved.  They push me beyond my limits and catch me every time I fall.  Ohhhhh how I fall.  I have 5 angel babies that keep me grounded to what matters, teach me that I am not in control and that my story, their story, is worth sharing.  I have a husband that loves me immensely while causing me premature aging.  He is amazing and wonderful and imperfect.  I have a family that is not always easy.  They come with their own baggage and often leave it on my doorstep.  They challenge me to love the ‘difficult to love’ while embracing me and sticking by my side.  They drive me nuts while filling my soul with light, I love them.  I have friends, running partners, soul sisters that challenge me, encourage me and hold me up when I have no more strength.  This life will be hard but it will be oh so beautiful when we dust off the lies that we should give up.  The truth is, we will never measure up.  Everyone will always expect more, demand more and want more of us than we can physically give.  We will disappoint them, frustrate them and possibly yell at them.

I am an open book of a human that loves to love but often feels much of the hurt.  I see the pain in this world and ask what can I do.  A soft voice whispers “love” and this showers my suffering soul.  This is the one thing I know.  This is the one thing I can do.

A deeply warn book, this is what I hope to contribute to this world one day.  I book full of words that pour love, comfort and hope into a message of survival.  What is your message today?  How can you take the experiences of your life, good and bad, and make them a message of hope and love?  I assure you even in the darkest of moments, these 2 verbs can be found.  Paul wrote his most famous letters of faith while locked away in prison.  Moses found his way out of the Nile, into a palace and then the wilderness where a burning bush would guide him to free his people.  Ruth found love again after losing her husband and Job was given back all he lost after being left in an ash heap and ridiculed by his so called friends for over a month.  These stories are messages, experiences, survival that needed to be told.

So I ask you again dear friend, what is your story? How will you comfort others through your pain?  I encourage you to not just take this pain but use it.  Use it to heal.  Use it to restore.

Share your own deeply warn book….



It is always my hope that these words make it to who they were intended for.

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