Girl, Wash Your Face challenge….

And SO it begins!!!!!!

THE book!

The one I’ve wanted to read ever since it released but couldn’t bring myself to actually buy it?! (I suffer greatly from buyers remorse…a total Mom thing)

And after reading just the introduction, yes I know, I’m already obsessed and inspired. I’m slightly dramatic.

SOOOO….that inspiration has me writing my own list of lies (before I read hers as to not cheat and adopt hers as my own, while likely I will relate to 90% of them.)

So I plan to do a lie a day until this book is complete…Bear with me. This will hopefully bring more moms out of the bubble of shame and into the light of truth.

Rachel says it beautifully, “But by admitting to these lies, I have taken their power away.”


Lie #1: I just look pregnant (ok maybe not such a serious, melodramatic way to start…but it was literally the 1st one I wrote down)

Truth: I look like a woman who gave birth to 3 beautiful human beings and carried 3 more that would fly off to heaven before ever leaving my body.

Truth: these stretch marks are the scars of life, the scars of my truth that display what my body did to grow an entire human. And this pooch, the one that grows every Thanksgiving, Christmas and lets be honest…year round anytime I eat more than 2 carbs a day, is annoying but mine. It’s fairly easy to hide (thank you Jesus for high waisted rockstar jeans from old navy) and sits upon 99.9% of women in this world. In fact, Marilyn Monroe rocked it beautifully. It’s not that it’s not normal, it’s just not photographed and praised in social media (while I do see a lot of change moving toward this)

Truth: this is the one and ONLY body I’ve been given that was created with care by my Father. If I don’t love the way I look, I’ve been given the free will to change it. To be cautious of what poison I fill my body (sorry pumpkin pie…I do adore you) and to be conscientious of working the muscles of this body that may (God help me) have to carry me around for 50 more years!!! Ladies, mommas, friends…this is the one thing I hope any of you (that are actually still reading this) will take away…You body is AMAZING!….

It has literally taken care of you since conception. Your heart has never quit despite all the times its been broken. Your mind still functions and your body still moves.

Let’s love the miracle of just being alive. Being here! So many others were not given this luxury, so let’s not take it for granted.

Thank you Rachel Hollis for continuing to motivate, inspire and love all of humanity. I’m SO excited to read this book!!!!



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