Lie #3, My Husband and I Have Nothing in Common.

Lie # 3:

My husband and I have nothing in common.

Ok that’s just crazy talk but you have no idea how many times this lie has filled my head. How many times I’ve questioned our connection because of a date night that looked more like an awkward 1st date than a veteran couple with 3 kids. Or how a disagreement over the best way to parent the kids has sent me into a tailspin of did I choose the right partner.

The truth is we are all human. Imperfect, flawed, insecure (in our own way) humans. Our husbands are not the answer to every problem, or the cause for that matter…ha! And they certainly don’t carry the role of God. They are the person we chose, with our own free will, to journey this life with. Will we disagree? Yes. Will they drive us crazy? Absolutely. Will we have moments where we sit in silence and feel distant? Sadly so. But just as we are trying to do our best, take care of our family and be present for those big moments…so are they!

Truth: stress hurts. Stress can cause a string of destruction ranging from distance and outbursts to seizures and losing your hair. It’s in my opinion one of the biggest silent killers and the first victim is often our relationships.

Address the stress, take a deep breath and sit with your partner. Let them know you are for them, not against them.

Truth: Danny and I have a thousand things in common, from the love of our kids to the treasure of antique-ing , we truly do enjoy just spending time together. But the one pursuing us, to break us, will use every quiet moment, every disagreement to drive a wedge between us.

But the one who pursues us to love Him & eachother, will use those same quiet moments, disagreements to teach us, grow us deeper in love, deeper in faith.

So ladies, for each of you that has questioned your husband, your marriage, just know that no one is perfect. We are all messed up. Let’s look to our spouse with the grace that God gives us daily. Lets stop trying to change them and begin with ourselves. Let’s be the change we want to see.

(This does not apply to abusive/unhealthy marriages)



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