Lie #4: If I Just Had More Money.

If I had more money…

I would be out of debt….LIE

I would have a nicer home….NOPE

My marriage would be happier…NO

I would be happier…

Have these lies ever pressed upon your weary, tired of debt soul? Have you ever gazed over at the lies of social media and just known that every one of those people in their fancy homes and fancy vacations were the happiest people in the world? Have you ever felt inadequate because you just never seem to have enough, make enough, do enough?

Friends, this lie plagues every single human at some point in their lives. For me, it was not long after I had my first son. I was breaking my back to work, pay off the debt from my wedding and update my 1983 home to look the way I thought it was “suppose” to look. I was watching a friend of mine who also had a baby live in a beautiful home, get to stay home with her baby and show me all the amazing things they were doing. Daily.

It hurt.

My ego, my pride, my heart.

How was that fair?! Why did she get the “easy” life while I struggled?! Then 4 years later, my life was dramatically different. I was still working, still updating my home but I was no longer in debt. Danny & I busted our budget through a Financial Peace program and managed to pay off ALL our debt (for the second time around) and we felt free.

Then after a rough miscarriage and during the pregnancy of Frankie, Danny was offered a job that paid both our incomes and I was able to stay home (because with 3 kids, let’s be honest…it was all going to childcare). 1 year later, for the 1st time…my husbands credit score went about 640 and he was able to buy us a home in a neighborhood I dreamed of.

So what’s the point?

The point is, it took me struggling, working my butt to pay our debt off and patience to see what God had in store. A life of abundance.

Not abundant money, cars or clothes. Just abundance.

We make less money now than we have ever made and are happy. It wasn’t the money that changed my perspective, it was the struggle I went through to get rid of it.

We no longer live for what we want but what we need. We go on cheap getaways and I buy my clothes at Walmart.

Friends, it’s not that we need more money, we need more peace. Peace to stop looking at the lives of others…comparing…and start focusing on the lives we were given. All of our stories are unique because we were all created for a different purpose.

If you are struggling today, trust that this only preparation for a life of abundance. Where we set down the expectations of what we think we need and begin appreciating the blessing of life all around.

And in the words of Biggie…”Mo money, mo problems”…sister, I believe this with my whole heart.



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