People Trump Programs.

People trump programs.

This is one of the valuable lessons I took from a leadership training I attended yesterday.  That while programs have purpose and create structure among the chaos, they can not run without the people.  As Bob Goff says, “Organizations have programs. People have friends.” It is in the friendships, the community, the coming together of people that effectively execute the programs and their purpose.

Programs are only as good as the people running them.  We can have a hundred different systems set up to stop sex trafficking, end child abuse and free wrongly convicted persons, but if their heart is not in it, those systems will never serve the need. This is where our heart prompts are so valuable.  If you are given a deep desire to travel  to help those in need, you must go.  Buy that plane ticket.  If your heart feels pulled to rescue our children from sex trafficking, to not just pray for them but get out and look for them, fight for them and free them, you must go.  You must contact organizations that already have well planned programs in place and BE the people.  Be one answer to an ongoing problem.  If homelessness plagues you with sadness and your heart longs to help, you must go.  Seek answers.  Ask questions.  Be the people.

Friends, I’m as guilty as the next when it comes to talking over acting.  Where I can sit behind my computer and bring awareness to the broken pieces in our world, but if I don’t ever set my computer down, if I don’t ever make that call, walk out my front door, my words are as worthless as the blank screen they fall upon.  Talking is just one step.  It is not the answer.

Where are our hearts leading us today?  Where are we feeling called to do more, be more and create more?

My heart has always been with children.  Even as a small child, I had the desire to teach.  To be a person serving a program.   It’s with that desire that after 13 years in a profession I loved, I enrolled in school and began my journey to become a certified teacher.  To work with special needs and to be one answer to a bigger problem.  What’s funny is, it doesn’t stop there.  While in my mind, that was enough, that was good…God had more in store.  God’s vision is always more abundant than the ones we could ever create.  With that love and desire to serve children, He then introduced me to the foster care system.  A dark, depressing and hard world.  He put actual faces in front of me, well run programs with good people, and then He waited.  He waited to see if I would show up. Eventually,  I did.  In that process, I began to become a part of a community that I felt more connected to, more appreciative for and more called to be a part of than any one I had ever met before.  Had I taken those 2 years of heart prompts and chucked them off as too big, too much, too hard, I would have never met the tiny angels that needed someone to just show up.  A wise woman reminded me that you can only focus on 1 thing at a time to do it well, this life is not a race.  That while sometimes my actions can’t keep up with my heart because I have to complete 1 step before I can take the next, it is the excitement of seeing a future that keeps me going.  Keeps me inspired.  I am almost finished with school, it will have been 4 years by the time I am done and it has been a long journey.  But it is in the journey of studying to be a teacher that I found my heart for the foster care.  There is no wasted time.  There is no process that is too long because in that process, it’s the people, the heart of the programs, that will change everything.

Friends, we CAN do this.  We can make big changes with small movements.  We can be patient and plant the seeds that will bear fruit for centuries to come.  We don’t plant seeds today expecting full grown trees tomorrow.  We plant knowing that with nurture and care, we will have an abundant resource to provide us with beauty and joy for years to come.

What hurts your heart?  What makes you want to stand up and say enough?

What step can you take today to find your place in that problem and become a resource for reconciliation?

Research it.  Make a call.  Show up. Buy that plane ticket.  No step is too small but sitting out, is not an option.

This world is happening regardless of our participation but how can we be the people helping the programs.

People trump programs, find your people, serve your programs.



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