An Answer to Anger…

“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

1 Peter 5:8

Sleep is legit A THING. It’s not just a suggestion or great idea. It’s not only for “those” moms, the singles or our retired community. Sleep is for sanity. Sleep is for restoration. Sleep is one of our most powerful tools to block the prowling lion from attacking our most vulnerable moments.

I’m not a morning person. I’m more like an after 2 cups of coffee person. I often joke, but am totally serious, that the Holy Spirit is awakened in me via hazelnut coffee. But in all seriousness, before I’ve consumed my 2 cups…don’t talk to me. I imagine if we could see the spiritual realms lingering above and below, this is where the snakes, lions and cockroaches (I’m convinced cockroaches are apart of the dark side) would be slithering, prowling & crawling. Waiting for that moment where my kids wine about breakfast or my husband questions a decision…and then BAM! Like a sharp sting to the neck or lashing from a claw, my knee jerk response would then set the mood for the rest of the morning. My guilt immediately clothes me with a thick sheet of shame and I leave for work feeling….defeated.

Then, as if there’s an alarm for all such beasts…around 7:30pm, the hunt begins again. My previous 4 hours of patience are wiped clean because of an overtired toddler and 2 preteens (who for the record are NOT preteens but their response to brush your teeth would tell you otherwise). Just as the 8 hours of guilt I had been carrying all day is beginning to dissolve, another brash remark rips away the last peaceful moments of my night. The tears begin (there’s and mine) and I pray for a redo.

Sound familiar?

This is the result of sleeplessness that steals and destroys our most precious moments. Not only is there valid scientific proof to all the benefits of sleep on our body & mind (google it), but I can tell you that when I’m well rested (8 hours) my peak for patience is much higher. My self control is more sound and my grace for others is abundant. When I stray, if even for just one night, all bets are off….and guess who’s lingering and waiting for my exhaustion?! Those damn cockroaches! (You know what I mean)

I love this subchapter from Stronger Than The Struggle by Havilah Cunnington, where she paints the picture of 1 Peter 5:8 (the verse at the beginning ) and reminds us of the value in community.

“He (the enemy) lures us when we are isolated and the most vulnerable. We are most powerful when we are around our community, our pack, our tribe. So it makes sense that many of our battles will take place when we’re not in the safety of that community.” -Havilah Cunnington

So let’s destroy the plans of our enemy. Let’s not give them an inch with isolation and lack of sleep. Let’s be kind to ourselves. Let’s get some rest. Let’s stay in community with those that lift us up. Let’s be intentional.

After all…our tiny humans are watching and their future will look a whole lot like our present. What kind of adult do you want to release into the world? A well rested, patient one or an over-exhausted, over-worked one that is burning at both ends of the wick?

Let’s be the future we want to see.


Melanie Ortiz

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