Finding Thankful….

To be thankful is to be vulnerable. To be real. To be honest. To stare down every expectation, hope and desire for where you thought you would be, who you thought would be there, how you thought this day would look and say, no. No to the expectations you are placing upon them and likewise the expectations they have placed upon you. No to the hope that ‘they’ would change and instead focus on where you can change. No to the unattainable desires of perfectionism that simply do not exist.

Being thankful means looking at what we do have, not at what we don’t. Focusing on the simpleness of unlabored breathing & good health, if we are fortunate enough to have it. Seeing the beauty in the breathtaking skies and birds that coast freely, without strain or stress. Knowing that despite our circumstances, we are here, we are worthy, we are loved.

Being thankful is an action. A thought. A kind word, despite the mess that unravels around us.

Being thankful is a choice.

I don’t speak this as an affirmation but as a reminder. A reminder to me, to you, to every broken soul that may be struggling, hurting or feeling less than this holiday season. Your pain, loss, anger, sadness is real. Feel it but don’t be defined by it. You can feel sad but not be sad. You can feel angry but not be angry. Your emotions, feelings, are valid and should be sat with but not carried like a sharp sword waiting to pierce the lives of those around you.

We are all surviving. We are all being held. We are all loved by a God that doesn’t cause our pain but uses it, recycles it, remakes it. As a mom who sat in so much pain at this time 3 years ago, letting go of another pregnancy, another baby, I can say…it will get better friend. The sun will shine. Life will grow you deeper, closer to Him. Deep calls deep. Cast all your anxiety upon Him and take the next best step. You got this. He’s got you.


Melanie Ortiz

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