Rest In Peace….

My heart physically aches. Anytime we have to let go of one of the good ones. Say goodbye to a brother, a sister that was living with purpose, for purpose.

Loss is a double edge sword, with a sting that pierces our gut. The first stab, the shock, the loss, the last memory we hold tight. The second stab, the permanency of it all. As a believer, knowing they are with Christ, and praying that every prayer, belief, mustard seed of hope I held is really all true.

Praying for God to heal our heart, our wounds, our unbelief.

What is it about this world, this life, that creates those slivers of doubt. Is it the fallen angel, the one we are warned about. That sits and waits patiently for us to stumble, fall. To disguise himself as a source of comfort, to confuse us and thrust us into isolation. Into the very unbelief mentioned above. But no. Satan, you will not have the last laugh. Our pain will not be handed over to you. You will not manipulate it, steal it, for your pleasure. Our God of hope will uphold us with his mighty hand and deliver us, rescue us, strengthen us. Using every ounce of our sorrow.

My heart aches for the hurt that your loss brought to all those you love. I pray for healing, knowing you are where we all wish to be. With no more pain, no more sorrow, beside our beloved father.

Loss is a double edged sword. A sword that may pierce but not steal. Hurt but not kill. We will survive. We will thrive, not despite the pain but through it.

May God bless you and those you left behind.

Hug those you love extra tight. Life is precious and time is limited.



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