Good stress is still stress…

anx·i·e·ty aNGˈzīədē/ noun 1 a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. Worry, nervousness, unease about an imminent event. This is my current state of mind, my head space. Ughh, I hate it. So what has placed me into this uneasy zone of dread and … Continue reading Good stress is still stress…

Diary of an extroverted introvert.

I am an extroverted introvert. Yes. You read that correctly, even if you had to read it 3 times. I am this. This is me. My social excitement and love for humans may quickly place me in that box of extroverts who lives for the lime light, when in reality, my introverted self just desperately … Continue reading Diary of an extroverted introvert.

After the sun sets… (grief and loss)

The beauty of a sunset is one of my most precious gifts from this earthly world.   It illuminates the sky and brings relief from a long days heat.  It offers a gentle breeze and a majestic mystery of how the sky can display such vibrant colors.  These must be the colors of heaven, this must … Continue reading After the sun sets… (grief and loss)

Anger, hostility, annoyance…

So as a mom of 3 under 8, I must say this is a sad reality that I have to face.  Annoyance, yes! Hostility, unfortunately!  Anger, with deep regret!  I hate more than anything that this is one of my attributes.  Anger is such an ugly vice that steals my joy and leaves me feeling … Continue reading Anger, hostility, annoyance…

Happiness not required. 

Why is it that we feel this desperate need to always be happy.  Me included.  As if happiness is the end goal and if we aren't there then we have failed?  While happiness is a beautiful feeling, intoxicating even, it isn't realistic to be in this state at all times.  In fact, I believe that … Continue reading Happiness not required. 

Can I have a moment of silence….

Rest, if you will.  I don't believe in reinventing the wheel, I won't fix what ain't broke and research is not my love language.  Therefore I will reference, marvel and applaud those before me that have written wise words that spoke into my soul as if Jesus himself spoke them....okay, well some of them He … Continue reading Can I have a moment of silence….

Love/Hate for the holidays #moremomfailmoments

It is just  I love everything the holidays symbolize...celebration, hope, unity, love and life.  It's beautiful, magical and lovely but the tradition of 'expectation' breaks me every time.  Why is it that as moms we are the magic makers but we often become the target for judgement, blame and disappointment?  Why is it when … Continue reading Love/Hate for the holidays #moremomfailmoments

Accountability, hope….healing

If we don't have accountability, really...what do we have?  Speaking from my own list of shortcomings and flaws, I will give you what I have: overspending indulgence selfish desires, wants, "needs" lack of community lack of awareness to our community....yes, I "see" you, but do I SEE you or just pass by wishing there was … Continue reading Accountability, hope….healing