Abandonment, the act of being abandoned, left.  An act we feel as early as infancy when our tears our met with silence.  An act we feel during adolescence when we weren't chosen, picked or asked.  An act we feel as adults when we are looked over, skipped past or never even considered. Abandonment was not … Continue reading Chosen.

Woe is me…woe is we.

This simple phrase that refers to our own self worries, troubles, misfortune....woe is me.  Or as I like to think of it, woe is we.  This common self loathing theme that summarizes the story of our life that nothing we do is good enough, that we are constantly missing the mark and that everyone around … Continue reading Woe is me…woe is we.

Diary of an extroverted introvert.

I am an extroverted introvert. Yes. You read that correctly, even if you had to read it 3 times. I am this. This is me. My social excitement and love for humans may quickly place me in that box of extroverts who lives for the lime light, when in reality, my introverted self just desperately … Continue reading Diary of an extroverted introvert.