My Darkest Hour

There I sat. Confused, in shock, devastated.  It had been confirmed a few hours prior that my son's heartbeat had stopped beating in my womb. Why? How? I fell to my knees, cried, sobbed, pleaded with this God I had blindly turned to my whole life and just cried out "why?". I am not sure … Continue reading My Darkest Hour


Hope in a world of Hate.   Hate over each other, hate over ourselves.  How do we find hope when the world seems relentless to deal us a bad hand or a difficult day.  How do we feel hope when we see so much injustice, hurt and tension on the news, at our schools and in … Continue reading Hope

Home, foster care….faith

Home. This is a word so many of us take for granted, waste away, and become entitled to. But home is a gift, home is a chance. A chance for hope to breath into your life. A chance for dreams to be created. A chance for love to be shared. After experiencing several miscarriages I … Continue reading Home, foster care….faith

Happiness not required. 

Why is it that we feel this desperate need to always be happy.  Me included.  As if happiness is the end goal and if we aren't there then we have failed?  While happiness is a beautiful feeling, intoxicating even, it isn't realistic to be in this state at all times.  In fact, I believe that … Continue reading Happiness not required. 

Accountability, hope….healing

If we don't have accountability, really...what do we have?  Speaking from my own list of shortcomings and flaws, I will give you what I have: overspending indulgence selfish desires, wants, "needs" lack of community lack of awareness to our community....yes, I "see" you, but do I SEE you or just pass by wishing there was … Continue reading Accountability, hope….healing