Ezers…Warriors…Image Bearers…Moms

What am I suppose to look like as a mom of three? I try to work out, watch what I eat, monitor my wine, get my hair done (when I can afford it), attempt to dress cute (pulling off all of Walmart/Amazon's finest since that's the only place I don't feel immense guilt for indulging … Continue reading Ezers…Warriors…Image Bearers…Moms

Happiness not required. 

Why is it that we feel this desperate need to always be happy.  Me included.  As if happiness is the end goal and if we aren't there then we have failed?  While happiness is a beautiful feeling, intoxicating even, it isn't realistic to be in this state at all times.  In fact, I believe that … Continue reading Happiness not required. 

Accountability, hope….healing

If we don't have accountability, really...what do we have?  Speaking from my own list of shortcomings and flaws, I will give you what I have: overspending indulgence selfish desires, wants, "needs" lack of community lack of awareness to our community....yes, I "see" you, but do I SEE you or just pass by wishing there was … Continue reading Accountability, hope….healing