We've all heard this silly yet truthful term, F.O.M.O., fear of missing out.  How many of us can say with full honesty that we have not felt this at one time or another throughout the course of our life?  Whether it be through social media posts of friends enjoying a nice evening out or their … Continue reading F.O.M.O.

Loneliness Has No Limits

Loneliness is such an isolating feeling.  That's not breaking news, I know.  The word mom and loneliness should be an oxymoron but they do in fact coexist, wrestle and sit at the same table.  For me as a mom, loneliness has many faces.   There is physical loneliness, which I'm happy to admit I actually asked … Continue reading Loneliness Has No Limits

Can I have a moment of silence….

Rest, if you will.  I don't believe in reinventing the wheel, I won't fix what ain't broke and research is not my love language.  Therefore I will reference, marvel and applaud those before me that have written wise words that spoke into my soul as if Jesus himself spoke them....okay, well some of them He … Continue reading Can I have a moment of silence….